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Dominion Elevator Inspection Services
Dominion Elevator Inspection Services
Dominion Elevator Inspection Services
Dominion Elevator Inspection Services
Dominion elevator inspection service

Professional. Reliable. Accurate.

Dominion Elevator Inspection Services (DEIS) was founded in 1991 for the express purpose of providing highly specialized elevator inspection services. Since then DEIS has grown to become the dominant elevator inspection company in every Jurisdiction we service.

DEIS is a full service elevator and escalator inspection and consulting firm. The professionals and associates of the DEIS team possess the education, training, and practical experience needed to ensure Code compliance with mandatory Jurisdictional regulations.

Proper inspection/test schedules and timely submittal of required documentation are critical if you are to remain compliant with the mandatory frequency of Code inspections/tests and maintain a Current “Certificate of Inspection/Operation” [legal license] for each elevator.

DEIS performs contract elevator inspection services on over 10,000 units per year. Our Contract client list includes: Commercial Property Management companies, Federal Government facilities, Local Government jurisdictions, County school districts, Private Hospitals and Colleges.

DEIS continues to grow every year and the key to Our success boils down to two words “Customer Service” Providing consistent “Customer Service” requires adherence to a specific business model tailored to minimize “Customer” frustration and inconvenience while accomplishing the goal of meeting all Code requirements of the AHJ [Authority Having Jurisdiction]. Please contact any or all of our “references” and find out why they chose DEIS over our competition. Most will tell you it’s about the Value of true “Customer Service”.

Value/Advantages of DEIS Service

No Delays or Excuses

DEIS has eleven fulltime inspectors available for work in your region. All reasonable requests for service will be met.

State of the Art Diary System

Keep your facility Code compliant as to frequency of required inspections and avoid potential fine /shut down.

Typed/filed Service Reports

No more illegible and lost reports. A history of your facility’s elevator Inspections is electronically archived. Data is backed up (off site) weekly.

"Consistent" Reports Via Your "Primary" Inspector

All recurring work in your facility will be assigned to one individual (backed up by a secondary inspector). This routing of work affords the inspector an opportunity to develop a working relationship with the owner/agent while increasing his knowledge of the specific facility.

Advance Notice (via email/fax) of Next Inspection

We also verify the date of test/inspection with your contractor.

Overtime availability – Nights, Weekends

Testing of emergency systems (e.g. smoke detector fire recall) is normally done after hours.

Instructional Information Bulletins

Provides a brief overview of specific requirements as pertinent to procedure and personnel.

Insurance & Coverage

Coverage includes workmen’s compensation, comprehensive liability and professional (error & omission) liability. DEIS coverage far exceeds the minimums mandated by jurisdictions to meet their licensing requirements.